The first weekend on American soil has not reserved the desired satisfactions on the eve of RP Motorsport Racing. Despite the excellent potential put on display by the team, the debut in the Pro Mazda Championship staged at the circuit of Saint Petersburg (Florida) has given the two riders Harrison Scott and Lodovico Laurini only the placings on the edge of the top ten, accomplices some unlucky episodes that affected both races. However, it remains for the Piacenza team the satisfaction of having faced the whole weekend without suffering any technical inconvenience and, above all, having accumulated valuable experience that will surely be useful for the future.

Although teams and drivers have faced a completely new reality, since the free tests RP Motorsport Racing has managed to fit in the top positions of the standings. The confirmation came then from Qualifying 1, with Harrison Scott splendid third overall and Lodovico Laurini (slowed by a pinch of understeer) in the sixth row. The first race seemed to be able to turn to the best, with Scott who (author of an excellent cue) could even present himself at the command of the group at the corner of the first corner. Here, however, thanks to the particularly dirty asphalt on the inside of the track, the British driver was forced to finish long, having to start from the rear. Meanwhile, Laurini was able to extricate herself well in the middle of the group, occupying the eighth position in the initial stages. Scott gave life to an excellent comeback but could not go beyond the ninth place under the checkered flag, preceding his teammate.

After a second qualification conditioned by a red flag in the decisive phase that prevented Scott and Laurini to do better than the seventh and tenth, both departed in Race 2 with the best intentions and decided to close with a good result the first trip of ‘ year in Florida. Unfortunately, not even on this occasion luck did not smile to the two: the start launched saw the British hoist the command and the Italian in fourth position, just before the Race Director exposes the red flag for an error committed during the starting procedure . After the restart, Scott maintained for a long time the fourth square despite a damaged wing in the convulsive stages of tussle, before having to surrender in the final to the complete separation of the latter and finish twelfth just behind Laurini, also excellent protagonist especially in the initial stages of the race and able to maintain a constant pace close to the former.

Fabio Pampado (Team Principal RP Motorsport Racing): “Concluding this trip having put on show a great potential but without being able to get a good result, it definitely leaves us with a bitter taste.We have paid some unlucky episodes and we are aware that we could have done a lot more, but the team did a great job during the weekend and we can not wait to get back on track in Alabama for a quick redemption. ”

The next appointment will see RP Motorsport Racing in action from 20 to 22 April, for the third and fourth round of the series at the Barber Motorsports Park.