Al Sakhir (Bahrain) – Great satisfaction for RP Motorsport Racing in the last race of the World Series Formula V8 3.5. On the Sakhir (Bahrain) track, the team led by Fabio Pampado got a double podium position, seizing third place in the first run with Israeli Roy Nissany and in race 2 with Colombian rookie Tatiana Calderon. Thanks to these excellent results and the fourth and sixth place achieved by Japanese Yu Kanamaru, RP Motorsport Racing managed to win the third place in the final ranking for teams, totaling a total of 342 points.
A result that rewards the team’s great work throughout the season, during which RP Motorsport Racing took a win (conquered by Nissany in Jerez) and eight places in the podium. Just the Israeli driver was up to the last race in the race to win the title, eventually finishing the championship with a good fourth place. The results achieved by RP Motorsport Racing in its second year in the prestigious international series merely highlight the overall growth of the team and the excellent professionalism of its technical staff, able to put the four riders off the track during the season (not in fact forgot the valuable contribution provided by Damiano Fioravanti) in the conditions to be able to constantly fight in the top positions of the standings.
The week-end in Bahrain has done nothing but confirm this. The first race, which took place in the spectacular night scene of the Sakhir plant, saw the three RP Motorsport Racing riders a great start to the road, and later engaged in the third place in the standings. Roy Nissany, after complicated qualifications, has put his experience into a regular race without bumps: under the checkered flag came the third place finish, which made him the sixth seasonal podium. It was no less Yu Kanamaru, who scored an excellent fourth placed immediately behind his teammate, and was amazed at the debut in the Tatiana Calderon series, which was able to confirm the excellent fifth place already won in qualification.
The second round saw pilots struggling to face Bahrain’s warm daytime temperatures, with track conditions significantly different from the day before: this did not prevent RP Motorsport Racing drivers from pointing to another positive team performance , with Tatiana Calderon in
able to complete a wonderful test that she saw her climb to the third stage of the podium and deservedly win the success in the rookie standings. This is a major achievement, especially if we consider the Sakhir weekend to be the first contact of the powerful Dallara-Gibson for the Colombian 24-year-old. Roy Nissany has risen to a high level by winning fourth place finish, while Yu Kanamaru has paid off the fact that he had to offset a drive-through from the Race Direction for a “defensive attempt” deemed overly aggressive to an opponent: At the end the Japanese managed to capture the sixth final.
Fabio Pampado (Team Principal RP Motorsport Racing): “It was an excellent final of the season, the double podium allows us to face the happy winter break with the work we do. A crap goes to our drivers, all very good and focused during the course weekend: the fact that we have won the third place is a great reason for us, and we are very pleased with all our technicians who have done a great job throughout the year. World Series Formula V8 3.5 for these two wonderful seasons spent together. ”
Before returning to Europe, for RP Motorsport Racing there will still be work to be done on track, as Sakhir circuit is on track for post-season tests that will in fact close the 2017 vintage of the World Series Formula V8 3.5.